ORIGINAL本色高端私人定制品牌——MING铭氏“铭”在此意为关于美好难忘的记忆, 摄影寄托着一切美好的祝愿,照片最大的意义,就是让幸福与美好永远定格在某个时刻,这是我们内心柔软的希望来源,也是进入这个行业,所背负的甜蜜使命。MING铭氏的品牌愿景,因爱之銘,将爱与美好变做一张张精致的照片,拥有这永远的美好时光。


ORIGINAL high-end private custom brand - Ming Ming "Ming" in this means a memorable memory, photography holds all the best wishes, the biggest meaning of the photo is to make happiness and beauty will always freeze in a moment, this Is the source of our inner soft hope, but also to enter the industry, carrying the sweet mission. MING Ming's brand vision, because of love, love and beauty will become a picture of exquisite pictures, with this forever good times.

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